About me

I'm Jonas Schwendener, also known as APX and I'm a 25 year old swiss electronic music producer. I got himself into the arts of music production back in 2011 when my brother introduced me to the FL Studio software.

Only two years later, I was able to release my first single “Seven Bridges (One For Me)” on Deal Records in collaboration with dutch producer Tyro Maniac and NYC-based singer/songwriter Jonny Rose. The track got support from the likes of Martin Garrix, Mel Tierra, TV Noise and many more. Of course it didn’t stop there, in 2014 I released a follow up (“That Place“) with Tyro Maniac and Rosli Murillo on Deal Records. A two-track EP (“Divine Comedy“) followed as my first solo release on Lazy Richs’s imprint Big Fish Recordings, which got into the Top 100 Electro-House Release Charts on Beatport.

Since June 2014 I'm signed with the publishing wing of Cloud 9 Music Holland.

I would describe my music as melodic, progressive and energizing with sometimes a small touch of orchestral sounds. Having a lot of great new music lined up, I invite you to follow me on your social media channel of choice or check out this website from time to time.